Extreme Networks Introduces New IoT Security and Automated Threat Mitigation for the Digital Enterprise

ExtremeAI Security Delivers Advanced Behavioral Analysis, Automated Remediation, and Containment to Defend Against Network-Based Cyber Attacks

SAN JOSE, Calif., May 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Today's cyber threats, once inside, move laterally across networks to reach their targets, compromising everything in their path. The volume, speed and sophistication of these often-undetected attacks requires a new approach to enterprise network security. Accenture's 2018 State of Cyber Resilience Report found that 83 percent of respondents believe they need advanced technologies to secure their future, but just 2 in 5 had invested in AI and machine learning technologies. To meet this challenge, Extreme Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq: EXTR) today announced its ExtremeAIâ„¢ Security application, a new class of network security that leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify and remediate advanced threats against IoT devices.

Key features of ExtremeAI Security include:

  • Behavioral monitoring and baselining

  • Unsupervised learning

  • Insights and granular analytics

  • Multi-vendor interoperability and integration

  • The convergence of multi-cloud, mobility, and the massive influx of IoT devices in the enterprise expands the attack surface, making it an imperative to deploy advanced security technologies deep inside the network and not just at the perimeter. This explosion of endpoints and network traffic creates complexity and makes it difficult for network administrators and security teams to gain visibility into the chaos through traditional solutions. With IoT devices ranging from million-dollar smart MRI machines to five-dollar sensors, device-level security alone can't be trusted to secure endpoints. As a result, enterprise security teams are working overtime to keep up, but are often shorthanded due to a lack of trained cybersecurity personnel.

    ExtremeAI Security delivers deep visibility and detection of malicious traffic, and real-time monitoring of IoT devices for behavioral anomalies, illuminating enterprise networks so attackers have nowhere to hide. Through fully-automated remediation of suspicious devices and traffic, ExtremeAI Security ensures threats are contained without manual intervention, preventing them from moving across the network. Extreme's powerful traffic analytics and visibility capabilities are embedded in this new security solution, combining the best of enterprise networking with innovations in machine learning to identify and remediate threats.